I’m Jessica Gage, and for the past decade I have been passionately serving the people of Pittsburgh through professional counseling, consulting, and supervising. My professional areas of expertise include: anxiety and mood disorders, sex therapy, self-esteem and identity development, boundaries in relationships, and crisis management.

Personally, I’m an extroverted-introvert who is rooted in faith, and who loves to run, play outside, and be with all the people I love. My college sweetheart and I have been married over a decade, and we’re fortunate to be raising our family in the great city we’ve always called home. In my community,  I had the honor of serving the March of Dimes Pennsylvania as the Chair of Mission and Education on the Young Professionals Board (2018-2020). I’m also honored to have been recognized by Steel City Vets for prioritizing the mental health needs of local military service members and their families.