Virtual Sessions

I now offer HIPAA-compliant virtual sessions! Contact me for all of your scheduling needs, whether in the office or via teletherapy. When you’re ready, click the image below to enter my digital waiting room:

Tips for a great visit: use strong wifi or an ethernet cable, make sure you have the newest broswer updates, and reduce background noise. You can have a virtual session via your desktop, laptop, tablet, and smartphone! Using headphones and low-resolution will typically help improve call quality. Click here for more tips!

Can anyone use the telemedical service? I typically use teletherapy for clients I have met face-to-face who are unable to make it to my office, but Covid has made space for all clients to experience virtual therapy from the comfort of their own homes. I recommend that you choose a private, distraction-free location to have your virtual session. Be sure to refer to your insurance plan’s Summary of Benefits or call the Member Service number on your health insurance member ID card to confirm coverage details and cost-sharing.