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Last month, I highlighted some of Pittsburgh’s crisis resources. I wanted to build onto that list, adding some disability resources for our area. Below you’ll find a list of some of the organizations who offer services available to Western Pennsylvanians. For more information, contact them using the information listed below each organization.

 PA 2-1-1

Phone: Dial 2-1-1

Website: http://pa211sw.org/

This is a great place to get started since it offers assistance for things like housing, utilities, and food. There are also great resources for military members, veterans, and their families.


ACCESS Paratransit

Address: 650 Smithfield Street, Centre City Tower, Suite 440, Pittsburgh, PA 15222

Phone: (412) 562-5353

Website: www.portauthority.org/paac/RiderServices/ACCESSParatransit.aspx

This transportation service is for individuals who are aging and/or dealing with disabilities.


Three Rivers Center for Independent Living (TRICIL)

Address: 900 Rebecca Avenue, Pittsburgh, PA  15221

Phone: (412) 371-7700

Website: www.trcil.myfastsite.net

TRICIL offers information and referrals, peer support, transition services, independent living skills training, and advocacy. They also have a gym for people with disabilities as well as assistive technology and equipment.


UCP/CLASS (United Cerebral Palsy/ Community Living and Support Services)

Address: 1400 S. Braddock Avenue, Pittsburgh, PA   15218

Phone: (412) 683-7100 or (888) 954-2424

Website: www.classcommunity.org

This organization offers attendant care services, community partners, vocational and residential support services, information and referrals, PA Assistant Technology Foundation, and a community services center.


Office of Vocational Rehabilitation

Address: 300 Liberty Avenue, Pittsburgh, PA  15222

Phone: (412) 392-4950

Website: www.dli.state.pa.us/portal/server.pt/community/l_i_home/5278

This resource helps people with disabilities prepare for, find, and maintain employment. Services include: diagnostic services, vocational evaluation, counseling, training, assistive technology, placement assistance, and support services.


Working Order Program/ Volunteers of America

Address: 1650 Main Street, Pittsburgh, PA  15215

Phone: (412) 782-5344

Website: www.voapa.org/Services/Disability-Programs

This organization serves many purposes, particularly with transportation and employment.


Disability Options Network (DON)

Address: 1929 East Washington Street, Suite 1, New Castle, PA 16101

Website: www.disabilityoptionsnetwork.org

This organization serves western Pennsylvanians in a variety of ways including advocacy, support, referrals, and skills training.


Tri-County Patriots for Independent Living (TRIPIL)

Address: 69 East Beau Street, Washington, PA 15301

Phone: (724) 223-0160

Website: www.tripil.com

This organization serves Washington, Greene, and Fayette Counties in a variety of ways including advocacy, community outreach, and an internet cafe.


Disability Rights Network

Address:429 Fourth Avenue, Suite 701, Pittsburgh, PA 15219

Phone: (412) 391-5225

Website: www.drnpa.org

This is a statewide organization aiming to protect and advocate for all Pennsylvanians with disabilities.


Casey Ball Support Services

Address: 7550 Saltsburg Road, Pittsburgh, PA 15235

Phone: (412) 793-0200; (844) 793-0200

Website: www.cbscllc.org

This organization serves eligible adults with trained service coordinators, assessments, support plans, monitoring, and other services.


Accessible Dreams

Address: 69 East Beau Street. Washington, PA, 15301

Phone: (724) 223-5115

Website: www.accessibledreams.org

This organization provides services to modify current homes and delivery new homes for eligible persons with disabilities.


Uniquely the Same

Address: 217 Rush Valley Road, Monroeville, PA 15146

Phone: (412) 701-4432

Website: http://uniquelythesame.org/

This organization is, “assisting those affected by disability or economic disadvantage in order to improve the quality of life for all.”


Can you think of other organizations and services that belong on this list?

Leave their information in a comment below!

Published by Jessica Gage, MA, LPC, NCC

I am a Licensed Professional Counselor in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania (license #PC007550) and a National Certified Counselor.

One thought on “Disability Resources

  1. Dear Dear Jessica
    Thank you so much for putting this information out there for folks to refer to, for helping people with disabilities. Its a very trying time for people to be in the position of having a disability, or a helper-person who is trying to get them help.
    I have had such a time trying to get help for ‘my little couple’ (I lovingly call them). There are, unfortunately, a lot of agencies that people call, and they never call back … its a very frustrating thing for people who need help (and their helpers). But, in the last year or so, I have found some who are willing to help, that I would like to also pass along – with your list.
    I have several names (and agencies) to add, because they really try to help; either to make progress, or find real help (real numbers to call), or even to send a handy resource bundle of papers. Your list is VERY handy, but I personally find that I use the ‘paper’ resources quite often, to refer to. For me, it is simple because I don’t have to take time to look up on my computer (or remember where I stored , or saw something on my computer – to look it up).

    The first name is Stephanie Myers, and she sent me a great collection of resources I am speaking of from the “Allegheny Link” (aging and disability resources). She is very sweet, and took lots of time to direct me to specifics for needs that pertain to our needs. She helped to find the right resources to call in the resource book, to cut through all the ‘red tape’ – so to speak. She can be reached at 1-866-730-2368.

    I have also found a great resorce gal (who will meet with people – to diagnose their particular needs) in Allegheny county called a “Home Elks Nurse”. She is an intake nurse who is ready to take action, and helps to arrange a portfolio to help them. Her name is Margaret, and she is available at 724-873-8659.

    One more name that is helpful – but more specialized (for people with intellectual disability). That is the Office of Intellectual Disability. The contact person there is Verna Johnson and she is available at 412-253-1265.

    I had doubts that some agencies would help (so many you call, with no response) – but in time I have found these three to be the most “reactive”. I must say though – it all takes a tremendous amount of patience. Its so hard to help the disabled … nothing goes quickly, and it is time consuming; and a helper person is either ‘doing’ for them, or calling – it can really be a draining experience. I really wish there was one agency / one phone call, to really help a person ‘as an intake’ – to the resulting help they need, and work with them one on one. I wonder what people do, that have no one to help? Or that don’t know how, or have the energy to get help for themselves. You know those poor souls have to exist out there. This kind of resource work is tedious, and hard – it gets very confusing. You call, and call, and call, with little response, and when someone finally does, you don’t remember what they do or where they are from. I know I have not recieved actual services as of yet (16 months + of efforts), and we have been pursuing agencies, diligently. But, the help is there if one is willing to ‘wait’ and keep at it.
    I hope this helps folks out there – adding to the help that is available.


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