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Essential Oils and Mental Health

Today’s guest blogger, Melody, has graciously agreed to answer some questions about essential oils and their potential uses to combat some common mental health concerns. Please check out our instagram collaboration to see all of the tips she’s dishing out this week!

Marie Kondo-ing Your Personal Life

6 tips to help you do some spring cleaning in your personal life.

10 Ways to Help a Friend Who is Struggling with Mental Illness

Join me in today’s blog for ten ways you can help a friend, including resources, conversation starters, and more!


That’s a trendy word these days, but do you know what it means? Today I’d like to discuss the three types of boundaries and what they mean in our relationships. And let’s use baseball analogies, because #LetsGoBucs? Nonexistent. Imagine standing in the middle of… Continue Reading “Boundaries”

Mental Health & The Church

Last night, we had our family portrait taken for our church’s directory. As we sat on the stools in our color-coordinated attire, surrounded by photos of other families in their sweaters and suit coats, I realized how deceiving this directory might be. I think it can be all too… Continue Reading “Mental Health & The Church”